Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting For A Signal

At the moment it is just a waiting game.  Of course I am looking for a top as I have explained over the past couple of weeks, but we haven't quite got there yet.  We probably need to see some sort of spike up and reversal to conclude that the top is in.  Tomorrow would be a good day for it being the winter solstice.  We also have a lunar eclipse this evening.  Maybe that will mean something. 

In any case, we are waiting for a MACD sell signal, which would be a negative divergence sell signal, as well as a break of the December low, which is now the low of the high month, for signals to go short this market.

For the time being I am still of the opinion that the coming decline will be wave (2) of [C] or wave (C) of [B] either as a triangle or a flat, but it will be many weeks before we will know how it will unfold.  Even though this will be a cycle high, I am reluctant to conclude that it is the top of primary wave [2].

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