Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Uptrend Confirmation

A close above yesterday's high of 44.02 on higher volume will establish the weekly price trend as up. A breakout above last week's high of 45.07 on above average volume will establish the monthly price trend as up.

The VLE and the Tides will need a couple of more days to confirm, but I expect that they will do so.

You can trade the Systems straight up or look at rational retracement targets for this rally.

The cup and handle breakout target for the Qs is 47.08. The .618 retracement of the January range is 47.70 and the .618 retracement of the entire decline from October 31 high is 49.71.

Ultimately I expect the rally will hit the 49 to 50 zone, but probably in two waves. Therefore, if long it would be prudent to take profits at the first target on a closing basis. If the Qs explode through the first target, then hold on for the higher one. If they fade out at the first target, take profits and wait for another entry.

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