Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Breakout Day

As was expected, the markets broke out today with the Qs in a new monthly uptrend by trading above the March high. Several other major indexes also broke out. Only the Dow is remaining to confirm the change in trend. Breadth was strong, but volume was only average. A sharp pullback would not be unexpected, but now that the trend has changed, the rally may last several weeks. I expect the VLE to confirm a long signal tomorrow. The Tides System will be in neutral.

I am working on inserting charts, which I will need to present the next system. Please check back this weekend for the Modified Donchian Channel System.

The following stocks look ready to breakout: MON, GDI, ACL, CRM, ZMH, MA

Other stocks of interest: GMCR, GME, PCLN, AKS, TMO, FSLR, RHT

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