Friday, January 6, 2012

Approaching Resistance

The SP500 is approaching resistance at the underside of its median line and swing lows from 2011 around 1295.  The current rally is not likely to stop until that level is reached at a minimum.  The Qs have resistance around 59, the IWM around 77, and the Dow from 12644 to 12785.  It would be prudent typically to be taking some profits at these levels, but the Qs just triggered a squeeze long on the daily chart following signals in the Dow and SP500 two days prior.  So, it could be that all we see is a minor pullback at these levels followed by a break above resistance.

From a minor cycles point of view the next intermediate term low is not due for another 5 to 7 weeks, though we could see a pullback into the full moon Monday, so it is quite possible that resistance will be overcome more easily than would otherwise be expected.  I will be watching for signs of exhaustion at resistance.

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