Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Oversold

The McClellan Oscillator has reached down to its recent low of May 23.  The % stocks above the 50ma has reached oversold levels.  The 5 day average of the Trin hit 2.23 today.  The SP500 almost hit the high of the March low day today.  The range of the March low day would be a common reversal zone.  A bounce to the 50ema is probably not far away.  However, before this correction is over I think the market will touch its 200ema - currently at 1262, but if it continues to rise at the current rate it will be around 1275 to 1280 by the end of June.

Still looking for a low around June 12 to 15 after another bounce.  Then we will see if this is really a triangle.

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