Monday, October 11, 2010

Clearly, Bullishness Is Not At An Extreme - Really?

Here are some headlines from Marketwatch and CNBC this evening:

Stocks ready repeat of 1990s
The real opportunity is in those "boring parts of
the world" of U.S. and Europe, says Fisher Investments' Ken Fisher. In fact, it's like 1991 for stocks all over again.

Is he serious?

Market's unrealistically giddy about Fed

For sure!

Feeding off weak U.S. dollar
Investors flock to ETFs indexed to commodities such as gold and to emerging markets.

But there's not a bubble here.

Market Pros: The S&P Rally Just Beginning

Well, the Pros must know.

Fed Certain to Act in November In a Big Way: Survey

Yeah, they probably will since the labor market is in the toilet, and they know it.

Is Fed Anticipation Setting Up a Sell-the-News Event?

How could it not be?

And yet the Dollar was higher today. A close above 78.45 should get the ball rolling. I really don't know why the Dollar would move higher now, only that the technicals and sentiment say it should. The market, stocks and commodities, will respond appropriately to a rising Dollar, by falling.

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