Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A break of yesterday's (4/6/09) low in the Dow could lead to another test of the November 08 level of 7449 in wave c of a flat correction. However, holding above 7725 would be near term bullish. Any test of the 7449 level should be sharp and quick, and it would be a buying opportunity in my opinion. Only a break that sustains below 7449 would alter that outlook.

April 14 is a turn date, but could be a swing low or high. I suspect that the upcoming 3 day weekend will be bullish for next week so it could be a high. These turn dates are usually right within +- 1 day, or they are meaningless. They become important when the confluence of the pattern, price levels and cycles confirms them. Currently, the pattern in the uptrend is incomplete, and the price levels and cycle are pointing to higher highs, so the turn dates may not have any influence, or may just represent pause points in the trend.

The Qs should hold above the 31 level as the breakout above the January high appears to be solid.

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